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 We are one of Canada’s most dynamic and exciting horse organizations with deep roots in Western ranching, tradition and culture! BCCHA is a group of dedicated people aiming to improve the quality of the Cutting Horse Industry.

The B.C. Cutting Horse Association hosts 5 or more events a year in throughout B.C. BCCHA also hosts the yearly Susan Stewart Memorial Clinic from which 100% of the profits go towards supporting Youth with Scholarships for continued education.

Outside the competitions and teaching venues, BCCHA is also a sponsor of BC High School Rodeo events. We aim to inspire an atmosphere where individuals can compete, have fun, develop relationships that lead to rider success!

Our Stallion Auction

2020 Stallion Roster & Information

Welcome to the second annual BC Cutting Horse Association Stallion Auction!

The BCCHA Stallion Auction is one of the many ways that our club plans to raise funds for our youth members, as well as the events and shows we put on throughout the year. The support from our stallion donators and our auction participants is truly appreciated!


100% of our Stallion proceeds will go back to the BCCHA in the form of added monies, prize purchases or our youth membership program. Thank you to the generous owners of these great Stallions for the opportunity to purchase these breedings through our organization.


Contact Us

BCCHA Stallion Auction Inquiries:

jennifer.eek@live.com / 250.859.2668

BC Cutting Horse Association Contact:

csmeeton@shaw.ca / 250.573.2541

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